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"Bettina is a true professional. Her playing is elegant and beautiful and she consistently demonstrates the utmost musicianship."

-Music Director OUMC 

"She is an incredibly kind, caring, and devoted teacher. She is without a doubt, one of the main reasons that my two daughters have continued playing the violin for so many years. She has an innate ability to make learning the violin fun, interesting, and challenging all at the same time."

-Former Studio Parent 

A reflection of their wonderful teacher.” - Studio Parent, Summer Recital June 2019



- Fall classes have started for Golden Fiddles!

-Visit our new "Meet Our Team" section. We have added 3 additional instructors, and now are offering a wide range of both virtual lessons and in person instruction!

Golden Fiddles Studio  Chapel Hill, NC​   Tel: 919-423-2270

golden fiddles violin studio

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